This website is still one of my favorites because it is a synthesis of of my skill set that combines Web Design, Marketing Assistance, Business Analysis and Photography

It was many years ago I was fortunate enough to work with Roger the owner of Biorecycling Corporation. He wanted a website for his company. 

Their product is the processing of sewage primarily from septic tanks into a product that can be applied safely to fields. 

When we first met I knew little of this industry though I was well versed in how septic tanks and drain fields functioned. 

He gave me license to to create the website that would tell his company story, to put the story in historical and present day context, to visit the operations and take photos, to talk about the science and the controversy that often accompany this subject, to share content that included books, and links to documents, websites and regulations. 

When all was said and done, the website was and still is, a great source regarding most things related to Bio Solids Recycling.

We covered Recycling, the Nutrient Cycle, the History including Systems and Societies, News and Blog information, the Process, the Controversy regarding bio solids recycling, informative books and links, State of Washington Regulations, and the North Ranch location.

At the time Roger was an avid pilot and the aerial photos in the website I took as we flew in his plane. The Steam Plant photos are a testament to the effectiveness of the Bio Solids for the regrowth of trees.

I just recently finished re-coding the entire Biorecycling website (3/17/2021) and the process of proofing and testing is happening now. You can see the differences in the two on a cell phone or a tablet. My mission was to bring the code up to date while retaining the design. If you would like to see how this all came together click here  and go to the newly coded website.