Marketing Assistance

I have been working since I was a child. I had a paper route when I was ten and kept it through highschool. While having a paper route I also had summer jobs as glamorous as weeding at the Southdale shopping center, being a janitor, and working as a musician. This certainly set the stage for my lifetime interest in business.

When I went to graduate business school at Xavier University my electives were all related to entreprenureship and marketing. How to find and keep customers for your products and services is at the core of marketing assistance. Life in the 21st century has seen a major shift toward marketing online through the internet. Though the shopping and delivery methods have changed the principals of running a business, customer acquisition and retention are still the same.

What is marketing but getting the word out on your product or service. Your product or service has to fulfill a need or needs of your customers. Here is an example. I bought a robotic vaccum cleaner and a few months later one of the motors was bad. I contacted the company assuming I could replace the motor myself. They didn't have any motors available so they sent a new unit. I am a customer of that company for life. As you can see, marketing has many facets that are often overlooked.