Web Design

The process of web design is very much dependent on the nature of your needs. Having a website is now as much a necessity as was having a business card in the last century. A business without a website (a good website) is immediately suspect.

One of my client websites is Mark Foley Construction. Mark’s site is an example of a simple website that accomplishes everything he needs to establish his credibility. I just finished updating this site by updating the code that underlies the design. Here is a link to Mark's website.

Another client has four locations of Collision Centers in three counties in the Olympia area. These websites offer a great deal of information for their customers convenience. There are many pages, map, forms, contacts and other information. Here is a link to Lacey Collision Center.

Another website undergoing change is Lost Cause Records. Here is the original and here is the updated site. It was also a website needing a complete re-coding to accomodate the changing devices.


Web sites can be very simple or they can be very complex. Sometimes simple is best and sometimes complex is best. A blog can be an asset or a liability. If the blog is kept up and new information is added periodically that enhances the professionalism and credibility of the website. If it is not kept up the website will convey a lesser impression. Empathy is at the heart of good webdesign; that is, understanding the needs of the person or business.