The Designedge is focused on creating good looking, fast loading, simple to navigate websites. I code these websites and only use other platforms such as wordpress when required. I use wordpress primarily if a client requires a blog.


As you most likely know, people are impatient when using the internet. Slow loading websites or sites that make it difficult to find information are often abandoned after only a few clicks.


Another thing that is critical to the success of any website is the initial impression. This can be a conscious impression or a subconscious one. People expect to see a design that is commensorate with the nature of the business represented by the website. For example, the website of an attorney requires an elegant understatement that exudes professionalism. This would be a website heavy on the text content and light on photo content. It would also have available forms for clients to use.


The website of an artist would be filled with images. Entertainment websites are generally glitzier and contain multimedia. It is important to have the proper look for a website. First impressions rule.


In all websites there has to be the proper balance between content that the user will require, and the simplicity of design, design that will make the user's experience a pleasant one.



"Life is like riding a bicycle.
To keep your balance, you must keep moving."
Albert Einstein